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  1. Colin Boyd Shafer: Issues Bigger Than the Classroom

    July 5, 2016 by American College of Sofia

    I hope that the message that I teach them is that they can have an impact on some of these crucial topics… not just learn about them and do nothing. I hope that they get that from me, whether from the class or from the content, that I show them through my own life that they can make a stand. If you are in a position of any sort of privilege, that is the perfect opportunity to look around yourself and say, “Where can I make a difference and help?” Not being a savior, not going and rescuing the other, but instead just trying to recognize that you are lucky and you could be in another person’s shoes in the future. Hopefully, by learning about the world and Geography, you are not just learning about things out there, but you are realizing that you are connected to them. And that you could be a part of whatever story you want to.

  2. ACS Alumni at Teach For Bulgaria: Be the Solution!

    January 22, 2016 by American College of Sofia

    Certainly, kids are changing which is great because otherwise they would just be inadequate. So, really it is us and our understanding and mindsets that are growing a bit inadequate and we would profit by trying to open ourselves more to them, even learning from them.